Burr Oak lake is a small 664 acre lake created as a flood control reservoir in 1952. It is one of cleanest lakes in Ohio and is a good place to fish for large mouth bass, saugeye and channell catfish.  The Burr Oak State Park has a lodge, cottages and camping sites.  I have had good luck catching crappie using small minnows as bait.  I suggest you come prepared to catch your own minnows.  My experience has been that it is hard to find a place in the area that sells them in late April when the crappie start bitting.  The park bait shop is not yet open and OJ's bait shop in Corning has gone out of business.
The best way to fish the lake is from a boat.  You can bring your own boat or rent one.  Boat slips are also available, if you want to leave your boat on the lake over the summer.  However, they go fast.  So you would need to request one early.  There are several good spots to fish from the bank.  I like to fish the rocky shore near the swimming area for crappie and bluegill.  Small minnows and night crawlers work well.  Deeper water near the dam is good for saugeye and bass.