Lake Cumberland is a 65,530 acre lake created by construction of the Wolf Creek Dam on the Cumberland River in 1952.   When I fish the lake, I normally stay at the Conley Bottom Resort located in south central Kentucky.   They have several lake front cabins for rent.  I bring my own boat and rent a slip at their boat dock next to the cabin area.  The lake has a varieity of fish including both largemouth and smallmouth bass, lake trout, and walleye but it is best known for stripers.  There are several techniques for striper fishing.  I like to go up an inlet creek and find a point.  The fish seem to like feeding off of a point where there are schools of shad.  Live shad is their natural food and is by far the best bait.  The problem is that shad are hard to keep alive.  Therefore, bait shops don't sell them.  I once spent all day looking for a place to buy shad without success.  Bait stores sell other types of shinny bait fish but I learned the hard way that the stripers can tell the difference.  You need to catch your own shad perferably right before you use them.  I have had success using a throw net off of the docks.  Shad will die within a few minutes in a normal bait bucket.  The best way to keep them alive is to put them in a large round container partially filled with unchlorated water, ice and an aerator.  You don't want corners where they can group up and suffocate.  I made a shad container from a clear plastic barrel.
The best time to fish for stripers is in early April while it is still cold.  The water is usually high and full of logs and debris floating down the river.   The fish can sometimes be found by going up an inlet creek early in the morning.  If it is a good spot, chances are there will be other boats already there when you arrive.  A common technique used to catch stripers is ballooning, i.e. tieing a balloon onto your line and let it float behind your boat with the bait swimming around untill a striper takes it.  I have had good luck just using a large floater.  In addition to stripers, I have caught largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel cat and bream.